Actionable Operations Insights From All Your Systems

Spotlight helps you become operationally excellent and focus on what matters most.​

  • Identify What Actually Matters

    • Identify the most costly issues and monitor changes over time
  • Create Transparency Across Silos

    • Compare operations performance across systems and use our data assets to benchmark yourself against peers
  • Get Started Quickly and Simply

    • No installation and implementation so you can save time and money by leveraging existing data and extraction methods
  • Define Your Own Transformation Journey

    • Understand your overall performance, obtain recommendations for best actions, and prioritize what to fix first

Who does Spotlight create value for?

Spotlight creates process transparency across your organization.

Operations Experts & Transformation Driver​s

  • Identify transformation opportunities across all business units
  • Monitor and quantify changes for your ongoing transformation scenarios
CIO & IT​ Experts

  • Obtain a simple, yet quantitative, understanding of your core systems (e.g., ERP)
  • Gain transparency on where new technologies can future-proof your business
IT Consultants & System Integrators

  • Kickstart your transformation and automation projects through data-driven priorities​
  • Provide benchmarks to help your customers identify critical improvement areas
Process Managers

  • Obtain an end-to-end understanding of the process reality and compare yourself to industry peers
  • Manage changes to processes and behaviors based on actual data and usage​
Heads of Business Units & Functional Experts

  • Identify the highest opportunities for savings and automation​ in your department
  • Gain data-driven recommendations on what to fix first​
  • Start your transformation journey with a lightweight approach​

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    Within days and without implementation, this report allows you to:

    • Analyze your current SAP ERP data​
    • Compare yourself against industry peers​

    • Identify the most relevant automation opportunities for you
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